FUNTHINGS by Fugitive Glue Studio, Toronto, Canada

Using the original Lee Company bullet mould for .500 Magnum rounds, the candles were cast in natural beeswax and finished with a mini copper jacket that prevented the candles from burning through. Fire at will!
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Useful in more ways than one, these handy sand bags are made from recycled truck tarps, filled with finest sand, given marine rope handles and have been used to hold open doors or sink the evidence. Your choice.
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A series of 11 pieces composed from vintage silk-screened images of animals, designed and produced in the 50’s and 60’s for promotional plaques at hunting and fishing lodges. Each reproduction uses up to six special inks to achieve a remarkable life-like expression of their subject. Fugitive Glue gave these beautiful objects new life by encasing them in shadow boxes made from up-sourced wood and backed by dead-stock wallpaper. Happy hunting!
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A collaboration with Modallion Rug Company in Toronto, each rug was designed using unique aerial perspectives of the Tar Sands in Alberta Canada. Tar Sands is the world's most destructive oil operation – large enough to be seen from space and is one of biggest human-made structures on Earth containing a toxic slurry of heavy metals and hydrocarbons from the bitumen separation process.
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Meanwhile the collection explores the craftsmanship of a hand made rug inspired by the chaos of mining, dependence on fossil fuels and our drive to obtain them at any cost.

Each rug took more than two months of manual labour to complete and was woven in Nepal by artisans using locally sourced wool, silk and hemp fibres.
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The Caterpillar 797 is used in mining operations to transport large amount of ore and is the largest truck ever built. Our version is much smaller and is laser cut from recycled plywood. It is offered as an additional purchase to those that wish to acquire the rug collection.
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