American Standard, Toronto, 1979 ©

The neighbourhood that became my home and the location of my studio in the late 1970’s was a traditional industrial area of Toronto, home to huge factories that had their beginnings in the mid 1800’s – such as bathroom fixture complex by American Standard, General Electric transformer factory, aluminium manufacturer Alcan and a myriad of smaller suppliers supporting the larger ones. It all began to change as more and more immigration displaced traditional Irish working class that built and supported the neighbourhood for a century.
These pieces are an homage to the old and a salute to the new…ripped up, re-drawn, re-painted and re-populated leaving tiny traces of itself as the new layer goes on top and life continuous.
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Materials: Bristol board, corrugated cardboard, discarded industrial wrapping paper, grease pencil, mould, paper diapers & Fibergum® (Tar). Sizes: 1.5m X 1m