CONTINUOUSCODE: Toronto, Canada. 2002 ©

Continuouscode became a 30 metre mural that took a good part of a year to complete and was meant to be shown in the Angell Gallery in Toronto – which never happened for various reasons. One being the prohibitive cost of printing such a huge piece and the other outright lack of interest by those who decide what is art and what isn’t.

Esteemed art critics such as our dear late
John Bentley Mays liked it and actually understood what I was trying to achieve, but even he was not able to influence those that make decisions that make such things possible.
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“This work is a result of what the artist calls his Visual Genetic MecanoSet® containing elements made with a computer machine language that is an alphabet from a world running parallel to our human, three-dimensional one. This is a probe of the peculiar truth of machine-language reality. If there is beauty in this, it comes from being true to the plastic means--the orthography, that is, of the base64 computer code, rendered into a visually rhythmic paper composition that resembles advancing city blocks, buildings, skyscrapers, digital ant hills…”

John Bentley Mays, Toronto, 2002