“1 + 1 = US” - Ottawa & Toronto, Canada. 2014 & 2015©

Picnic Table
Department of Canadian Heritage (PCH) asked Canadian artists with innovative ideas for creation of a collaborative art project during Canada Day 2014 celebrations in the capital Ottawa. The work was to be inspired by the picnic table under the theme of “1+1+ US” that is to say, history, memory and multiple identities that shape present Canada.

The Work was then to become a place of sharing, discussion and entertainment. PCH wished to highlight Canadian artistic excellence, thus enriching the experience of visitors to Canada’s Capital Region to celebrate Canada Day. Each year, 350 000 persons visit one of the Canada Day sites, which makes an exceptional place for public interaction and presentation of works by Canadian artists.
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Artists’ statement
Insofar as this sculpture was symbolic of leisure, the goal of the installation was to engage the spectator evocatively, not literally. Juxtaposition between the form and the pastoral setting reflected the idea of an over-sized ubiquitous Canadian picnic table being big enough for all who come to Canada to “eat” at our communal table.

The final aim of the intervention was to show the many diverse peoples that make up Canada, coming - for whatever reason from all over the world and staying here to join us at “our table”. Welcome!

Roman Milo & Jano Badovinac
Fugitive Glue
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The table was made in our studio on Sterling Road in Toronto out of the quintessential Canadian wood: Douglas fir.
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The “Picnickers” were encouraged to leave their mark and dates on the actual table by inscribing (with permanent pens supplied) their names, wishes, loves, home countries, etc., that covered the sculpture from top to bottom by the end of it’s tenure.
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There was also a great photo opportunity for a group photo or a selfie.
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Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF) - 2015
Fugitive Glue was commissioned to create a special version of the Picnic Table as TOAF celebrated 55 years as the Canada's leading contemporary outdoor art fair, welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors during the week long event on the site of Toronto City Hall.
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