Tokyo, Japan

The largest city in Japan, Tokyo is at 9 million inhabitants an amazing and sometimes a surreal experience.
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View of Tokyo from the observation deck of the radio tower.
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Very new and very old stay in harmony somehow, as this viewpoint from near the Imperial palace shows.
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The most peculiar site are the Tokyo Ravens that can be found throughout the city; sitting in the trees, on buildings or simply chilling on the sidewalks.
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Tiny restaurants that dot the streets seem almost incongruous with the huge glass towers that sprout above them. But here they are: warm, intimate and inviting. Almost homey. And so clean and tidy.
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And then this old Citroen that was converted to a sidewalk food truck with a smile and a “…konechi wa”
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If one looks up from the sleek and orderly Tokyo, one is confronted with the paradoxically lo-tech skeins of wires and child-like figures of animals indicating a shop or a café or a toy store.
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Then there are details that are pure Japan.
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Ultra modern sculpture near the entrance to an ultra modern midtown shopping mall…actually called Midtown.
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Residents of Tokyo…always in a hurry and always polite.
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The old fashioned street sweeper in a Shinto shrine.
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Young couple in traditional dress out for a stroll with their offspring.
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Statue of a mounted Samurai guarding the entrance to the Imperial palace.
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Kegs of Saké ready to ship.
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Bamboo growing in little green pockets decorating the downtown sidewalk.
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Detail of a cast iron gate to the Imperial palace in Tokyo.
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Hundreds of pine trees sprouting from the manicured lawns near the Imperial palace.
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Architectural details at the Shinto shrine in downtown Tokyo.
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Visitors’ good wishes and hopeful messages at a Shinto shrine in downtown Tokyo.