Schematics: Rapidograph® Drawings on recycled paper, 1976 to 1978

When our first son was born, my wife Zuzana and I moved into a neighbourhood at Bathurst and College streets in Toronto. Considered a working class area it saw better days when English speakers occupied the neighbourhood. But it was affordable and convenient. Jewish bakeries, Portuguese vegetable stores and Italian ice-cream parlours offered a family atmosphere and a feel that a young family was welcome…and of course the famous Kensington market was a walking distance from our flat still selling, butchering and cleaning live poultry.
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It was as though I went back in time and saw what the neighbourhood might have looked like in the late 50’s. Gone were of course Ladies and Gentlemen entrances to the pubs, but the intersection of Bathurst and College was still classic Canada: church on the North West corner, gas station on the South West, pub on the South East and of course the bank was on the North East corner. It looked like the whole area waited for the inevitable progress with a forest of electrical and telephone poles and ricocheting wires that went miles in every direction. Sometimes I thought I saw a Packard drive by.
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Materials: Black India ink on recycled paper. Size: 28 cm X 35 cm