Regent Park Revitalisation Project: 40 Oaks street, Toronto, Canada. 2012©

In concert with the Toronto Design Week and sponsorship of Public Displays of Affection (PDA), Fugitive Glue unveiled its light fixture installation at Regent Park Revitalisation Project in the East end of Toronto.

When it was built Regent Park became one of the first public housing projects of that size in North America. Developed in 1947 it replaced the 19th. Century slums that existed in the area at the time, with a more humane and safe housing. The Revitalisation Project aimed to provide better living conditions within the dated apartment complex.
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The Fugitive Glue light fixture OH-85 (SITE-1) nicknamed “Dogbone”, is part sculpture and part a practical object. It was created to be used in the Regent Park community centre’s conference room and is designed to resemble the shape of the first public housing buildings that are still in use today.

Designed for up to 80,000 hours of continuous, use the fixture uses the latest LED technology and is constructed from 70% discarded and reclaimed materials.